Tiffany Sunday is a Strategists, Author & TEDx SpeakerI am a business development consultant and strategist.  My expertise includes creating business development and new market expansion strategies for Fortune 500 company, investor funded startups, and early-stage businesses.

For the past six years, I have been researching, writing and speaking about the impacts of the digital revolution and the big data, automation, and artificial intelligence will transform the future of employment and education.

The significant aspect of this paragon shift is the speed of acceleration and how the majority of the changes occurring are mostly invisible.

I work with companies to identify three areas: hidden opportunities, market and industry disruptions, and economic risks.

I am frequently asked, “What are we not doing, that we should be doing?”

My approach to consulting is a combination of my professional and entrepreneur experience, problem-solving expertise, and a realistic mindset.

As an intuitive thinker, I notice subtle patterns.  From these observations, I quickly distill large amounts of information into a  concise summary to help you and your team identify emerging patterns. 

This fall, my third book Are You Ready? will be published which provides strategies on how to build a sustainable business and career in an economy driven by automation and artificial intelligence.  I am a TEDx Speaker and the author of two books.

Are you interested in learning more about how I can help your company and team? Please use the contact form to schedule a phone meeting.