Pino’s Kitchen LLC hired Dillon 5™ and Tiffany Sunday to grow and expand the company’s foodservice business in  North Texas.  Dillon 5™ developed a business strategy and action plan to implement the strategy with a goal of growing food service distribution.

After producing measurable results, Pino asked Dillon 5 to develop both a business development and market strategy to secure grocery disruption to National accounts such as Kroger and Safeway.   Dillon 5 worked to secure need business distribution.

“Tiffany, I am very impressed with your insight and thank you for all your good work”.  Pino Farinola, CEO of Pino’s Kitchen LLC


Tiffany played an instrumental role in the development of Meals to Live and the market launch of the company and its products.   She worked closely with Cole Egger President and then CEO of Meals to Live.  From 2009 – 2011, Tiffany served as Director of Marketing and Consumers Relations.   She helped grow the business from a concept to full distribution in over 170 stores nationwide.

“Working with Tiffany Sunday has been a huge benefit to our company and greatly enhanced our ability to move from a startup company to a revenue generating company.  With Tiffany’s  skill set and versed background she has provided experience and knowledge in the areas of; website development, product development, organization and marketing along with her endless list of pertinent business contacts.   I would highly recommend working with Tiffany Sunday,  I assure you she has something to offer you and your company”.  Cole Egger, President of Meals to Live LLC (Now QuickSticks)

“Tiffany was great to work with! Very professional and knowledgeable about the industry; she made a great mentor and taught me very valuable skills that I have been able to carry into other situations outside of work. She instilled a sense of confidence in me and was very encouraging, she allowed me to carry responsibilities as she saw fit. Tiffany has excellent communication skills which makes her very easy to work with.”

Tiffany’s foresight, along with her vast knowledge, helped our start-up to stand on it’s own two feet. She did a great job setting us up for future promotions and projects, and left us with valuable information that we have relied on and used to this day.”  Christy Lizarrage, Marketing Coordinator, Meals to Live


Brady Media was launched in 2009 and Dillon 5™ to assist with the development of the company’s mission, business development strategy and marketing strategy.  The guidance provided by Dillon 5 was the foundation for the continued growth of Brady Media.

“Tiffany Sunday was instrumental in helping Brady Media Group take the next steps in business development and growth.  Her business acumen, wise counsel and experience helped us enormously at a critical junction and I look forward to our continued relationship.”  Jeff Brady, CEO of Brady Media Group


Ms. Ellis hired Dillon 5™ to establish, develop and launch her startup consulting practice.   Tiffany offered guidance on starting a small business.  She offered recommendations to Ms. Ellis on how to develop a business and market strategy and offered guidance during the process. The consulting practice continues to grow today and has been in business for five years.

Tiffany is an exceptional consultant.  I can tell you now that I received outstanding service and expert advice beyond any possible expectations I had before working with Tiffany. Tiffany possesses all the excellent qualities for a successful business consultant. The quality Tiffany possesses that I admire the most, and that I like to see in anyone who provides a service of such magnitude as the service Tiffany provided me, is tenacity. Tenacity delivers the product. I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone desiring business consultation for their start-up business.  Lori L. Ellis, PhD., The Behavioral Advantage


“I worked with Tiffany on a couple of projects. She was committed both to the success of my projects and my business. She worked both hard and creatively to get results – and her ideas were very clever. She has a passion for her work and it comes through all the time.  Paula Asinof, President of Yellow Brick Path

“You are invaluable part of my business; I appreciate all that you do.  Thanks for all your hard work”.  Julie Hobert, Owner of  Hobert Pediatrics

Startups – babytique, elementAPI,, Meals to Live LLC, Urban Sustainable Solutions, Main Street Debt Advisors, Brady Media Group, The Behavioral Advantage, Coach Academy Texas, Dueling Chefs, Hobert Pediatrics

Startup Mentorship –  Navvie, Clay Piggy, Impact Foods

Companies – Bob Chilton Photography, Computer Business Solutions, Pino’s Kitchen, Boone Deleon Communications, Regatta Boat Company, City Pets Inc., Yellow Brick Path, First London Financial

Talent – Paula Asinof Be Sharp Book Tour

Non-Profit Organizations – Diabetes Friendly Foundation, East Lake Pet Orphanage


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